I am an enthusiastic Midwife with over 17 years of experience. I am best known for lovingly and skillfully serving women needing extra time and attention. First baby? Non-English speaking? Trauma from previous birth experience(s)? Needing a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean)? Challenging health issues? They come from near and far (Puerto Rico, Mexico, The Virgin Islands, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, far away parts of Texas, and all around the D/FW Metroplex) because they know that I will take their situation, needs, and dreams for a wonderful birth very seriously. Of course I delight in taking care of uncomplicated women as well!

I deeply desired the midwifery model of care for myself 29 years ago but it was very difficult to arrange in rural Michigan at that time. There was an amazing Midwife and birth center 3 hours away, but I didn’t know that it was even a reasonable option. I now serve women from great distances who know better: that it is worth travelling to get what you want. Read more..


I graduated high school in 2014 at the top of my class and my future seemed pretty much decided for me; I would go to college on the pre-med track and become a doctor. I enrolled at the local university on a fully paid ride and survived a whole semester! Once I started at UTA, I started to meet new people and my viewpoints about life completely shifted. I started to learn about holistic healing, and after that nothing else made sense in mainstream medicine. Read more..