Molly Germash

I am an enthusiastic Midwife with over 17 years of experience. I am best known for lovingly and skillfully serving women needing extra time and attention. First baby? Non-English speaking? Trauma from previous birth experience(s)? Needing a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean)? Challenging health issues? They come from near and far (Puerto Rico, Mexico, The Virgin Islands, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, far away parts of Texas, and all around the D/FW Metroplex) because they know that I will take their situation, needs, and dreams for a wonderful birth very seriously. Of course I delight in taking care of uncomplicated women as well!

I deeply desired the midwifery model of care for myself 29 years ago but it was very difficult to arrange in rural Michigan at that time. There was an amazing Midwife and birth center 3 hours away, but I didn’t know that it was even a reasonable option. I now serve women from great distances who know better: that it is worth travelling to get what you want.

I fired several Obstetricians over the course of my pregnancy. It took a while to find a local doctor who would listen to my wants and needs and honor them on some level. Within an hour after my daughter was born I KNEW that I had to become a Midwife and serve women in the way I wished I had been served. I knew that the majority of women were entitled to and able to accomplish an uncomplicated, flexible, and deeply satisfying birth – without all the fear and intervention that is so common today. Of course problems could arise, in which case medical help would be appropriate and necessary, but normally it would be safer and nicer to birth outside of the hospital.

Thirteen years later I was finally able to begin training. I have enjoyed so many opportunities to learn from others who have gone before me. Taking advantage of advanced learning opportunities on a local, state, and national basis has helped lay the foundation that I sought upon graduation – to become as wise and capable of attending the toughest of cases with as much skill and satisfaction for my clients as possible. Even so I am still in learning mode – beware of any midwife who says she knows everything!

As the years roll by the older midwives are retiring and I do my best to “hold the torch” for true midwifery and function as a resource for the younger, newer, midwives.

For over 14 years I enthusiastically invested in the apprenticeship model of learning midwifery and there are 29 Midwives now working around the USA and 2 in Canada that I trained.

I am what is considered a “hands on” Midwife. This means that I naturally lean towards touch and focus for my labor support style. If I see a client struggling in any way with labor I immediately work to find a way to sooth her – physically and/or mentally and/or spiritually.

Many out-of-hospital Midwives were/are uncomfortable with or unwilling to put in the extra work that VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean) clients need. Although I have to spend much more time and energy with them, I consider it an honor to partner with them to achieve a safe and gloriously rewarding birth.

Whenever possible I have personally handled a wide variety of prenatal, birth, and postpartum technical difficulties and the rare complication. By employing the use of herbal remedies, homeopathy, chiropractic, international midwifery techniques, etc., I have avoided the need for transfer of care or transport to the hospital in most cases.

My work choices mean that I expend huge amounts of energy compared to many other Midwives. This would be impossible were it not for the fact that midwifery is my heart’s desire. Of course it helps that I don’t have dependent children or a husband that draw me away from my work. The joy I experience is equal to my energy invested!