Birth Center

The birth center is in a large, comfortable house with horse pastures on two sides.  We are only 17 minutes from Weatherford Regional Hospital but love our quiet semi-rural atmosphere. You can happily walk outside in labor – no traffic to worry about and even a horse or two to pet if you like.

The building layout provides good space for both privacy in labor/birth and social/group space for classes, reunions, etc. The furnishings and decorations were chosen to be casually comfortable.


The play area for children keeps them occupied nicely during appointments (and births if they aren’t very long.) Clients enjoy the family atmosphere and appreciate it that their children are welcome to attend their appointments. Depending on the time and day, one or both of my grandchildren might be available to play with your children during your appointments if you desire. The living room has seating for several people including four recliners for family and friends to snooze in if labor runs long.


There is a fully equipped kitchen. Clients bring their personal choice of foods and beverages and enjoy real, cooked food in labor and after the birth. Colorful birds flock around see-through feeders at the garden window above the kitchen sink.


The waterbirth room is the central attraction here. This lovely room has a garden atmosphere, controlled lighting, fresh breezes in nice weather, moonlight bathing the room at certain times of the month/year, etc.

The tub itself is amazing. I searched long and hard to find a labor and birth tub that was deep, temperature controlled, and well padded on the bottom, sides, and edge. It is 140 gallons of happiness and easily accommodates the client and another person of her choice, if desired.


The main birth room is large and cheerful with a queen size bed. It is spacious enough to fit a portable waterbirth tub in the room if needed.


The second birth room has a sweet, soft atmosphere with a double bed.  Both rooms are comfortable with easy access to the bathroom and waterbirth room and are set up for a peaceful environment during labor, birth, and postpartum.  International birth chairs, multi-sized labor/birth balls, etc., are available to all.  If it will help with your experience, we try to have it on hand.


Clients appreciate that the birth center will be open and staffed when they arrive in labor since multiple staff members live on the property.