Tuition and Housing

You will need to budget $100 or $300 monthly (depending on whether you need housing with us or not) to cover your ongoing training. There is also a $100 non-refundable administration fee for your first month with us. This helps cover the extra one-on-one attention and initial training needed for you to become as helpful as needed quickly.

You are required to have a dependable car and also a functioning cell phone with enough minutes available at all times to cover needed communication with staff and clients. We have poor reception for all cell phone providers except for AT&T which is, thankfully, very clear here.

Live in apprentices need to budget for their own food, toiletries, auto expense, etc. Comfortable housing, furniture, bedding, laundry facilities and supplies, and reasonable utility usage are all provided under the $300 per month. Any live-in apprentices on a tight budget can ask for the option of taking on extra (non- midwifery) chores to avoid some, or all, of their $300 fee.

At this time Molly, one apprentice, and two goofy cats occupy the staff house next door to the birth center. There is room for two live-in apprentices.

Plan on having extra funds for unexpected expenses and events such as meals out after births, recreation, irresistible midwifery kit purchases, etc.

You must budget time and money to become certified in health care provider infant and adult CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation within your first 3 months. If you are already certified then please bring your cards with you when you come.