Requirements and Application

Midwifery has been around for thousands of years but one of the most essential qualities has been lost in our modern day – a servant’s spirit. Being willing to cheerfully fulfill what appear to be the most menial tasks for our clients, their families, or the midwives often leads to your greatest lessons in midwifery.

We frequently come across midwife wanna-bes who are distressed that they aren’t catching babies after attending 20 births. The relationship between staff midwives and apprentice is greatly enhanced when the student realizes that we haven’t forgotten what it’s like to wait for the thrill of each new step towards graduation. You want your training to be built on a solid foundation of skills and knowledge. Premature privileges and/or responsibilities hinder your overall training. The more non-clinical work that the apprentices take on that relieves the teaching midwives then the more energy the teaching midwives have to devote to one-on-one training of you. We are famous for teaching deep, faster than normal, and with great enthusiasm.

The first 3 months of an apprenticeship are probation months. During this time we will be assessing your skill levels, personality, and general helpfulness. We will meet with you weekly to see if the apprentice-ship is working out well for both parties. Assuming it is, we would continue with your training, meeting with you regularly to assess your progress and continue signing off on your skills and clinical experience logs.

More than academic knowledge, we are looking for future midwives who also possess the following qualities:

  • Enthusiasm and energy for midwifery and whatever tasks they are assigned to.
  • Sensitivity. The ability to work with midwives of different personalities, backgrounds and personal beliefs and with a wide variety of clients with greatly varying needs and preferences.
  • Patience for the training process. It takes time to become a competent, confident new midwife. Involvement will range considerably – anywhere from observation only to complete client care under supervision.
  • Flexibility. Life at a birth center seems to provide either feast or famine. Use your famine times to rest, get caught up on responsibilities and extra projects for the birth center and, of course, that good old past-time study!
  • Initiative: Although the last to be mentioned, it is one of the most important. Apprentices must be willing to roll up their sleeves and do what they see needs doing!

It is understood that each apprentice comes with her own level of hands on training, academic knowledge, maturity, and personal communication skills. She will be placed immediately in the opportunities the staff feels most beneficial to her growth and her progress will be continually evaluated. Client interaction and hands-on training will vary from hour to hour, day to day, and week to week.

We want each apprentice to feel welcome and committed to our group work and quality of life. Applicants have a great opportunity to reach their goal of becoming an excellent midwife and having happy memories of their time with us.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship with Heart’s Desire Midwifery, please apply using the link below. You will also need to mail or email us a handwriting sample, a current photo of yourself, and two letters of reference before your application will be considered complete. Instructions for these steps will follow after your application is submitted.

Thank you for your interest!

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