Apprenticeship Program

About the Program

We give hard working apprentices every possible opportunity to be a valued member of each birth team. Your level of knowledge and experience will be evaluated in the first few weeks after arrival so that we can understand how best to “plug you in” at client appointments and births. Our clientele is amazingly supportive of our apprenticeship program and you will become as involved as possible each step of the way. Read more..


Tuition and Housing

You will need to budget $100 or $300 monthly (depending on whether you need housing with us or not) to cover your ongoing training. There is also a $100 non-refundable administration fee for your first month with us. This helps cover the extra one-on-one attention and initial training needed for you to become as helpful as needed quickly. Read more..


Requirements and Application

Midwifery has been around for thousands of years but one of the most essential qualities has been lost in our modern day – a servant’s spirit. Being willing to cheerfully fulfill what appear to be the most menial tasks for our clients, their families, or the midwives often leads to your greatest lessons in midwifery. Read more..