Another VBAC Story

I have a Molly Story….She provided me with the most amazing experience…what we are all looking to have. A natural child birth. I had an unnecessary cesarean 2 years ago and blindly went back to the same doctor. I just did not know any better and only educated myself at the very end of this last pregnancy….had my baby VBAC with Molly and her student Kasie (who is awesome as well) June 12th.

I responded to a topic here on ICAN and mentioned that I was having to fight the “good fight” against my OB…who lead me to believe she was VBAC friendly, but was NOT. Molly said it best..the old bait and switch is what that doctor was doing to me. Anyway, Molly contacted me via email asking to call her so she could educate me about other options out there for me to be able to VBAC. My husband and I went out to meet with her and Kasie at her birth center and immedately felt that she was definitely the one that could help me have my VBAC.

In such a short amount of time (because I was almost 40 wks when I fired my doctor), Molly provided me with answers to my questions about VBACS, squelched my fears, instilled confidence in me that I can do this, shared lots of stories with me about her time as a midwife…she is just wonderful. She responded quickly to helping me get my medical records…my doctor actually was not going to send them on to her in a timely manner and Molly got her on the phone and fought for me after hours….Molly had those medical records first thing the next morning.

June 8th was my due date and the date I told my doctor to take a hike. I felt so amazingly good about that decision, then June 12th I had my 9 lb 6 oz baby girl with Kasie and Molly out at her birth center. Which, by the way, her birth tub helped the labor pains so much. The center is comfortable and my husband and I are so thankful Molly contacted me. I felt so confident and not scared at all. I knew I was in very good hands with Molly and Kasie. It was the best thing. I highly recommend her. Just meet with her and you will see her peaceful nature and confidence is contagious.

-Amy Richardson

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