Our birth center is outside of the city and has a different feel – relaxed, quiet, and peaceful with horses in the pasture, fresh air, beautiful stars at night, and a safe and pleasant place to walk outside in labor if desired.

We are dedicated to providing customized care attracting a wide variety of clientele.  Local women are thrilled to have their dream midwife so close by.  Others come from far and wide, including out of state and even out of the country, because they finally found what they were looking for.  We are best known for doing a great job for women who have special needs. Perhaps it is because it is their first child and they have doubts or fears about childbirth, or they were traumatized by a previous birth in a different arena and desperately seek a healing experience this time. Perhaps they have only given birth by Cesarean section and seek a triumphant vaginal birth, or don’t even speak English. We bless them all with health promotion, skilled preparation for birth, wonderful support during labor, and enthusiastic celebration as they achieve their own joyful birth. It is amazing to see what happens when you give loving, gentle, skilled care. Women flourish in this environment and we see such a wonderful impact on their emotions, minds, bodies, and spirits for the rest of their lives. Birth should be your greatest achievement and not your greatest fear!

This practice is small enough to guarantee that we have lots of time to devote to each client and most everyone can afford to have their baby as they desire with us. They come to us as early as just thinking about becoming pregnant to late transfers into our care because they feel a need to switch to a better provider.

We strive to honor women in the full spectrum of their pregnancy, labor, birth, and the 12 weeks of our postpartum care. Whether they birth here at the birth center or in the privacy of their own home, we respect the natural, unique process of each woman’s birth with its own timetable and rhythm.