Aaralyn Elizabeth, 2005

This is the thirdĀ of four birth stories written by a mother who has birthed all of her children with HDMC. Her other birth stories are also available here: First, Second, and Fourth

I had about two weeks of contractions that never had any pattern, never got any stronger or longer, and were noticeable but not uncomfortable or particularly annoying if I made myself ignore them. Then Friday the 7th they started changing. Sunday morning I woke up and really thought things were going to get going but they never did. So every night from Friday to Tuesday I would go to bed thinking “It’s GOT to be tommorow, how much of this prodromonal stuff can I have?!”

Wednesday I woke up with bad cramping & backache. I made J get out of the tub so I could shower. That felt really good. The contractions were coming pretty regular & stronger than they ever had been. I called my midwife and they headed out. Set up. Things got a bit stronger, picked up, I ate lunch then got in the shower. It slowed down. Didn’t stop, but it wasn’t unbearable either. Picked up a bit with walking but slowed again. I napped with Jas a bit. It didn’t ever pick up again, midwife checked me and there was no change from that morning at all so they went ahead and left – but left all their equipment here for whenever it might happen. The contractions never actually stopped that evening, they were pretty much every 4 minutes and uncomfortable but not unbearable. I could sleep through them, etc. I had a bit of pinkish mucas when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, most likely from the 2 internals the day before.

Thursday I woke up thinking maybe it’ll be today, but that wasn’t any different from the 6 days before. I felt the same as I had, some contractions then some time without any, no real pattern to anything. I wanted to clean the bathroom floor but knew I needed to take advantage of the boys spending the day with their grandparents and just relax and do nothing all day, so I did. I had some diarreah but I was at a “there are no real signs” point at this time because, hey, I had several times in the past couple of weeks and nothing had come of that either. But I still couldn’t shake that “it’s today” feeling, but I really had no reason to think it really would be either.

6:00 a tiny bit crampy but nothing different than what i had been feeling for days
7:30 emailed aja saying it hurts a bit (no more than it had the day before when it wasnt going anywhere) but im afraid to say i think its labor cause everytime i say that it stops.
7:45ish Jason & the boys got home. I talked to the kids for a few minutes. Had no problem talking/playing with them through contractions (they were still THAT easy)
8 Got in the bathtub to try to slow/stop the contractions so i could play with the boys before they went to bed. Jason told me it WOULD stop them, I didnt think it would. I dont remember what he said that made me mad but I slammed the bathroom door & locked it. Got in the tub. Read from The Baby Catcher while in there.
8:25-30 couldn’t read anymore. had to really breathe through the pain. moaning. started calling out for jason who came and found the door locked. We do keep a “key” (screwdriver) on top of the bathroom doorway so he was able to get right in.

I had him call mom and tell her come now. Call molly. Call Alanna, who said that he said “get here pronto” and she was like “Brian jason just said PRONTO” And Call Aja who could come if she wanted to, but I really didnt think she would make it on time. I also had him help me close the shower curtain & pulled the plug on the tub so I could turn on the hot water onto my back.

At around (im using cell phone call logs for time) 8:45 The contractions were one on top of another, hardly any rest in beetween and long. I made him call mom back and I believe molly called back to say april & lisa were on the way over. I had reached in and didnt have to go far to feel the baby and I was feeling a bit pushy.

The midwives arrived by 9, mom around the same time I guess. I really dont know time details. The hot water ran out so April helped me out of the tub and I leaned over the birth ball with a heating pad on my back. (Molly got here after I was already out of the tub and into J’s room).

I asked her to check me, even though she said she didn’t need to if I felt like pushing go for it. She said I was complete, head at 3 (or 3.5? I forget) station. I started pushing hands/knees over the ball. After awhile of that she suggested that since they didn’t come from the birth center & didnt have the birth chair (which I’ve used in the past) I sit on jasons lap & use him as my make-shift birth chair. So he sat up to the edge of the bed and I did that. His jeans got uhm soaked. But look how well he helped with his daughters birth! (he doesn’t like being on the other side of things at ALL so this was a great position for him).

I’m glad Jeric has this futon bunk bed. It was nice to have the metal rods above me to hang onto. Molly kept directing my pushing trying to help me get her down and out which was annoying me (but helpful at the same time, as what I was doing was the complete opposite of what worked once I switched). I know I shot her a couple of evil looks and told her to shut up at one point (sorry, molly). Finally got her head down, it started burning, they tried to coach me to do it slowly so I could avoid tearing but I told them I really didn’t care – hmmm sound familiar?! I do this everytime – I didnt listen & yeah I tore. But the baby came out & up to my chest at 9:45 PM. Her apgars were 9/10 (for coloring). I said “make sure it’s a girl please”

I had them cover me up and the boys came in right away to meet her. K ran off yelling “Aaralyn Good” over and over. He got to call his uncle and tell him the good news and he yelled it into hte phone over and over while running around. Lochy said “Whoa” when he saw that the baby was out of my tummy. Jeric wanted to hold her right away, of course. OH Aja also came in pretty quickly to see her, she had arrived right around the time she was born. So she missed the birth, but she saw her right after.

Lots of other details and things but i’m just not in the mood to write it out like that. The whole thing went sooo fast, it deserves a fast birth story too. Although i’ll eventually write out all the pre-labor stuff. I had been scared and acknowledged that on Thursday as I spent the day alone relaxing. I didn’t want to accept the pain. It ended up being my easiest labor – it went so quick I didn’t have time to think about the pain that was going to come. I don’t remember the transition period. It just all happened.

The boys said some cute things. . . As I was first getting settled from shower to birthball kieran came to the door and asked “what is mommy doing?” and was told she’s hving the baby. He comes back with “Can I watch?”

The kids started asking daddy “how did the baby get out” and he replied “WHo wants an icee tommorow?” Yeah that got their mind off the topic REALLY fast. ha.